Thursday, October 05, 2006

Brushing back Scoop

Sports satire site The Brushback has a history of gently mocking Scoop's mild obsession with the racial angle of every sports story. While we here at Scoopwatch believe that Scoop's racial myopia is actually among the least of his offenses (see, e.g., grammar (lack thereof) and insight (absence thereof)), Brushback is to be commended for its mature approach to the Scoop question (unlike certain sites, which are content to snipe unhelpfully from the sidelines): Hires White Supremacist To Counter Scoop Jackson

Scoop Jackson Informed Of Your Racist Comments


Anonymous jaytk said...

This is a great article in all respects, except that the quote attributed to Scoop in the final paragraph is entirely too coherent.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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