Sunday, September 24, 2006

Welcome Deadspinners and others who have stumbled onto this site.

The other day, Deadspin was kind enough to link to my narcissite and girlfriend-substitute, otherwise known as Scoopwatch. Unlike such established outlets as Deadspin, FJM, and the Big Lead, Scoopwatch is the solipsistic project of one man with a full-time job. Accordingly, posts are fewer here at Scoopwatch than at those other sites, and tend to come in bunches (also known as "weekends"). Moreover, Scoop's erratic publishing schedule (though a blessing in so many other ways) is itself a great hindrance to the steady posting one expects of a narcissite. To compensate for Scoop's delinquency, I've resorted to mining the internet's virtual archives for old Scoop pieces with which to amuse myself and what was, hitherto, an audience of five friends and relatives.

This is a long-winded way of saying if you expect rapid-fire commentary and instant updates, Scoopwatch is going to live up to the example of its namesake by continually frustrating and disappointing you. On the other hand, if you want to support the mission of Scoopwatch - to lambaste, cajole, lampoon, and otherwise mock the appalling drivel that spills from the pen of Scoop Jackson - please stop by regularly for the latest installment.

In that vein, look for an exegesis of Scoop's latest offering very soon (i.e., sooner than the ten days it took for Scoop to provide it) . . .

P.S. Thanks for all the supportive comments and emails. Keep 'em clean and keep 'em coming.


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