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Jason Whitlock - the gift that keeps on giving

To be honest, Scoopwatch has never paid much attention to Jason Whitlock, current AOL.com and Kansas City Star sportswriter and former ESPN.com and ESPN commentator. I'm sure I read his columns from time to time, but he wasn't so obviously bad or good that I can remember any particular pieces. Needless to say, however, J-Dub has soared in Scoopwatch's estimation over the last week.

First there was the early Christmas present that was Whitlock's Big Lead interview. And now these gems from his latest KC Star column:

Jackson is the infamous ESPN.com sports columnist who bragged in a recent column about telling black kids they had a better chance of being NBA players than sportswriters. [SW: He actually said this. For real.]

James Cohen, an executive at the network, called me Monday and asked me whether the comments attributed to me in the interview were true. When I said “yes,” he informed me that I could no longer appear on ESPN television shows and that my November appearances on “Pardon the Interruption” would be canceled.

. . .

I told the blog that part of the reason I was leaving Page 2 was because I was uncomfortable with Page 2’s relationship with Scoop Jackson. Much of his writing is childish, anti-white and a caricature of a negative black stereotype. I didn’t say it in the blog interview, but it’s my belief that it is irresponsible for the World Wide Leader to publish much of what Scoop writes. Over the last year, I’ve shared these opinions with ESPN executives countless times. I said nothing in the blog interview that I hadn’t said privately.

Thank you, Jason! Much respeck. Can't wait for your first aol.com column.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a little suprised at the amount of vitriol you have directed at someone you have never met (I am assuming). You say you have a fulltime job; so what else do you do besides attack a writer who you don't like?

To be honest, I find your whole deal here somewhat pathetic and yet interesting at the same time—kind of like the guy who makes sculptures out of his nail clippings. Wow, you hate Scoop Jackson, a columnist for a website. And now you have an entire, time-consuming blog making fun of him. For the purpose of being a dick, but also to tell your friends what a crummy writer he is.

Your family must be so proud of you.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Scoopwatch said...

Dear brave anonymous poster,

I don't make a habit of responding to posts, but yours was civil enough to merit an answer. Some clarifications:

1. Far from "time-consuming," Scoopwatch, which has been in existence for about three weeks, occupies perhaps two hours of my time each week (other than the one chat I followed online). So it's not exactly the solipsistic obsession you might think upon first reading. Scoopwatch started as a joke among friends and my only goal when I started (other than drawing further attention to Scoop's worthless column) was to get the blog mentioned by one major sports outlet. When that happens, or when espn.com lets Scoop go, or when I just lose interest, the 'blog will die a natural death.

2. I don't hate Scoop Jackson. In fact, he seems like a decent sort. I just think (in common with Jason Whitlock, apparently) that he is a terrible writer and has no business appearing in a major sports publication.

3. What does it matter whether I've met Scoop? I'm not criticizing him as a person, just as a writer. And his writing is there for anyone to read. Moreover, while I may be harsh about his grammar, spelling, and analysis, I try to avoid unduly harsh, profane, or ad hominem attacks. Just the facts, ma'am, with a soupcon of easy sarcasm.

4. My family couldn't care less about what I do with a few hours of my spare time. To repeat: this is part of a running joke among friends. You know, friends? Do you have any of those? Or are you too busy posting comments to random blogs of which you don't approve.

Thanks for posting,


9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Touché, I guess.
As Bill O'Reilly would says, "Agree to Disagree".

Perhaps I am projecting my ire toward Mr. Whitlock, who seems to use terms like "pimp hand" and "bitchslap" and other terms in an attempt, I guess, to elevate, sportswriting. He's a hypocrite.

And in reading Scoop's comments about sportswriting vs. the NBA: I think his point is being conveniently twisted:

There is so little chance for blacks to become national sportswriters that there's even a better chance of making the NBA, of which there's is little to no chance whatsoever.

I guess Scoop's writing never bothered me all that much.

Lupica, on the other hand....

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Now I'm REALLY anxious for Scoopbo's next installment of Inside T.O.'s Head!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous JayTK said...

Whitlock is quality and has written excellent sports commentary for the KC Star for years. I think Whitlock's point is that Scoop has developed a persona for his writing that is degrading to African-Americans in that it's very stereotypical.

If he truly has a Masters degree and he earned it, why would his columns have such poor grammar unless it's intentional? If it is intentional, what's the point?

Here's an idea for Scoop Watch: Start a Scoopisms section like Jacob Weisberg's Bushisms on slate.com... That'd be hilarious.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Mike R. said...

This blog rocks and was long overdue. Scoop Jackson is the most terrible excuse for a writer ever to be given column space. Ralph Wiley was 100 times the writer Scoop could ever dream to be.

I'm originally from KC and don't always agree with Whitlock, but there is no comparison between the two. Jackson couldn't hold Whitlock's jockstrap.

Lord knows if Scoop Jackson went by Scooter Jackson and was a white guy like me he'd be covering whale mating in the Arctic, not writing for ESPN as an affirmative action hire. Them keeping him and getting rid of Whitlock is a travesty and just a little more evidence of how far ESPN.com has fallen in the last three years.

Thank God for Bill Simmons, although I'd like to see him go elsewhere as well so he could write what he really thinks of the Worldwide Leader.

And anonymous- scoopwatch is right, you are far more pathetic for commenting on his blog questioning the existence of his blog. If you don't like it there are 8,000,000 others you could be reading. I'd wonder if you were Scoop but your English was too good for the homeboy from Crilla.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Scoopwatch said...


Thanks for the kind words, and for the Scoopisms suggestions. I started something like this in one of my first posts (which was actually cribbed from an email to a friend - this blog started as a series of rants sent to friends). My favorite personal favorite is "Clutchness has its anomaly. And its him" (apropos Big Papi).


11:01 PM  
Blogger memattp said...

Best blog ever please don't stop. You have to find his end of the year article of 2005 in which he claimed the biggest thing in sports for the year was the starting of Steven A. Smith's new show. Scoop Jackson is bar none the worst writer in America and I am a glad I am not the only one who won't put up with his putrid writing.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Jason Whitlock's jockstrap". Gee, now there's a pleasant image.

2:40 PM  
Blogger KINGSPAWN said...

never dedicated my whole blog to it, but scoopwatch readers may be interested to know that, back in the old days, brothers-in-arms were slamming scoop in relative obscurity:



4:17 PM  
Anonymous DK said...

hey anonymous,

please post some more comments - i am considering starting a blog to dissect your writings.
"pathetic and interesting at the same time - kind of like the guy who makes sculptures out of his nail clippings". wrong. that guy is pathetic and disgusting at the same time. what else interests you? bending over and taking it in the linguistic playpen?

awesome blog H! my family and i are proud of you!

2:35 PM  

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