Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Scoop is a clown"

Wow. Scoopwatch might have to hang up its keyboard and modem because, really, after the stinkbomb Jason Whitlock let off on his way out the ESPN Page 2 door, what more is there to say?

Courtesy of the Big Lead:

Q: What about Scoop? Based on the way you bitch-slapped him in the KC Star, you couldn’t have liked working with him.

We didn’t work together. But, yeah, there’s a big dropoff from being associated with Ralph, Hunter and Bill than being linked to someone doing a bad Nat X impersonation. It pissed me off that the dude tried to call himself the next Ralph Wiley and stated some [bleep] about carrying Ralph’s legacy. Ralph was one of my best friends. I hate to go all Lloyd Bentsen, but Scoop Jackson is no Ralph Wiley. Ralph was a grown-ass man who didn’t bojangle for anybody. Scoop is a clown. And the publishing of his fake ghetto posturing is an insult to black intelligence, and it interferes with intelligent discussion of important racial issues. Scoop showed up on the scene and all of a sudden I’m getting e-mails from readers connecting what I write to Scoop. And his stuff is being presented like grown folks should take it seriously. Please. I guess I’ll go Bill Cosby on you, but it’s about time we as black people quit letting Flavor Flav and the rest of these clowns bojangle for dollars. There’s going to be a new civil-rights movement among black people and the people bojangling for dollars are going to be put in check.

. . .

Q: Who are your boys in the sports writing industry? Who do you read?

. . . Who do I read? Simmons, TJ Simers, Wilbon, Deadspin, John Feinstein’s books, message boards and Scoop Jackson whenever I’ve overeaten and want to purge.

Theodor Adorno said that there could be no poetry after Auschwitz. I'm not sure there can be any Scoopwatch after Whitlock.

Then again, as long as Scoop is still drawing a paycheck from the .com, duty calls.


Anonymous I'll take Ebonics for $500, Alex said...

His comic pimping of his boy Jeff George aside, I like Whitlock.

The fact that a guy with as many heavyweight writing relationships as Whitlock has, only legitimizes the efforts of this website. Any movement to have Scoopbo Jangleson removed from appearing on a respectable website is a worthwhile one. Soldiah, er soldier on!

1:29 AM  
Anonymous SW said...

Thanks for the support, DRO. And thanks for "Scoopbo Jangleson" - I'm not even going to ask if I can borrow it; consider it purloined.

We'll have to crack a couple of virtual suds the day Scoopbo is given his .com walking papers.

12:20 PM  

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