Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"The End of the Boo-yah Era"

The Big Lead has this interesting Scoop-specific comment on the gradual changing of the guard, and change in tone, at ESPN:

* Scoop Jackson has been spayed and neutered. The guy spent the week writing about tennis. Need we say more? We’ve been giving this ink-stained wretch hell for weeks, but his tipping point may have come in July with this misinformed and silly piece that featured the humdinger: “Then I make the point: “Which means you all have a better chance to make it to the NBA than you do doing what I do for a living.” In early August he had this disastrous chat with readers. Scoop’s been on a short leash ever since. (The results will probably be catastrophic. His core readers - his family and parolees - liked his ghetto shtick and will probably turn away from his watered down product. And he turned off so many readers with his initial racist offerings that they won’t click on his stories, regardless. We’ve been reading; they aren’t missing anything.)

I'll second the comments on Scoop's 1.3% Doctrine column. "Misinformed and silly" is generous. Hey, Scoop: the main reason high school kids can't name 300 black sportswriters? Most high school kids can't name 10 sportswriters period.


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