Thursday, September 14, 2006

Unrestricted View on Scoop's Chats

An amusing account of the last Scoop chat on Having followed Scoop's latest chat, earlier today (in which he answered no fewer than three questions posed by Scoopwatch!), I can attest that FJM's account of just how uncomfortable these chats can be is dead on. It's embarrassing how many of Scoop's questioners are not only antagonistic, but outright disdainful. Does Scoop have ANY real fans? Seriously, I submitted about 10 questions and 3 made it into the chat. Assuming that proportion holds true for other submitters, that means that, if Scoop answered 40 questions (just a guess), only 120 or so were actually submitted! From a website that gets hundreds of thousands of hits a day? And of those 120, I'd guess about half are hostile. That's just sad. I almost feel sorry for Scoop. He must look forward to these bi-weekly chats about as much as Ted Kennedy looks forward to running into Mrs. Kopechne at the Edgartown post office.

Some gems from Unrestricted View's post:

Vinny (jersey): bronx bombers or the boys from b"a"ston to win the east?

Notice how even Scoop's readers fail to use capitalization or complete sentences. This is the theme throughout a Scoop Jackson chat.

Scoop Jackson: Vin- man I don't know.The fact that the yanks are ballin' and Madsui and Sheff are hurt and ARod might snap out of his funk scares me. But... any team with Papi on it, i gotta role with. So I'll say Sox get the East.

Way to start it off Scoop! I wouldn't expect anything less. Not only did you successfully use the word "ballin'" and "funk" in the very first sentence, but you also misspelled Matsui's name, used the word the word "role" when you meant to say "roll", and added ellipsis in a place much more suited for a comma. Kudos!

. . .

Brian (Brooklyn): I like how you answer these questions without fully breaking it down, making theses cats go back and think and figure it out for themselves. I'm feelin that, especially that anomoly thing, pretty clever to have them turn the "across the board" thing the other way


scoop Jackson: you busted me!



Blogger Matt said...

You guys are doing commendable work over here. Ridiculing Scoop and trying to get him fired is a more respectable service than anythong other than defending our country and teaching our teaching our youth.

Great job in the chat. No need to break it down after the fact when you guys are in there tearing him a new live. Kudos!

-Unrestricted View-

1:15 PM  

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